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Pedestrian Accidents

I was hit in a crosswalk when a car ran a red light. My medical bills are mounting and the at-fault party's insurance company is denying liability and telling me I have no case. What should I do?

Lake County Injury Cases

Ryan, Ryan & Landa is pleased to announce free one on one consultations for any and all Lake County injury cases in 2017. We are able to accommodate all English and Spanish speaking potential clients. This case consultation will include:

Illinois Appellate Court Affirms Summary Judgment of Contractor Injury Case

How does Illinois law treat a scenario involving injury to laborers working for an independent contractor?

Construction accidents in Illinois often involve a number of parties, complex contractual applications, and a confounding determination of which party is actually at fault. As a foundational issue, there is a stark differentiation between an "employee" and an "independent contract," the latter being truly that - independent. In other words, it is much easier for a worker classified as an employee to recover for injuries sustained on the work site than it is for an independent contractor (and its laborers) to receive compensation from the owner of the site. In sum, it depends on which entity actually exerted control and management of the project - as liability will generally fall on that party's shoulders.

Concussion Injury Lawsuit Filed Against University of Illinois; Cites Improper Protocol

What are the civil ramifications for colleges and universities that fail to follow proper procedures when a concussion is suspected?

In recent years, the lifelong implications of an untreated concussion have received an unprecedented amount of attention. Until recently, concussions were relatively unheard of - and certainly did not necessarily require an athlete to leave the field or forgo practicing the next day. That is, however, until several veteran professional and collegiate athletes began to seek compensation for the permanent neurological damage that can occur if a concussion is left untreated or is aggravated by further immediate physical activity. In the wake of the concussion storm, groups like the NCAA and high school athletic associations implemented strict protocols that must be followed if an athlete is suspected to have sustained a concussion in practice or during competition. The regulations span virtually every sport, and are considered mandatory - not discretionary - rules designed to mitigate player injury.

Chicago Man Files Lawsuit Against McDonald's After Allegedly Choking on Bone Shards

Is it possible to file a personal injury lawsuit against a restaurant or food producer for injuries caused by its products?

A Chicago man recently filed a personal injury lawsuit against the fast food chain McDonald's after experiencing the effects of a "defective" chicken McNugget. The complainant, whose injuries are alleged to have occurred at the McDonald's at 10 E. Chicago Ave, was taken by ambulance for treatment after ingesting a number of "bone shards" in the chicken meat and was subsequently treated for injuries to the mouth and throat. The complaint names both McDonald's and its primary chicken supplier, Tyson Foods, as defendants in the lawsuit. According to the complaint, the plaintiff is seeking damages to redress his injuries caused by the "unreasonably dangerous product," and has accused both companies of placing consumers at risk by manufacturing unsafe nuggets capable of "impaling and/or cutting the consumer in the mouth, tongue and/or throat, and potentially causing additional damage to the stomach, digestive tract and intestines of the consumer."

Building Code Violations Not Related To Man's Death

Is a business liable for personal injuries occurring on its property?

The Chicago Fire Department is investigating the Aragon Ballroom after a man fatally fell from the ballroom's catwalk. This investigation is in conjunction with the Chicago Fire Department's Fire Prevention Bureau activities from the day after the incident.

Family Awarded $10.75 million in Product Liability Action Against Manufacturer of Sealant

I was recently injured by a caustic household cleaning product. Could I possibly recover against the manufacturer?

Product liability actions are a sub-sect of negligence and personal injury law specifically focused on injuries occurring due to consumer goods. This can include household appliances, chemicals or medication - and successful cases often result in sizable settlements or verdicts in favor of the victim.

Lawsuit Over Raccoon Attack in Storage Unit

There are many risks when placing one's possession in a storage locker. Will the stored items remain in good condition? Will there be damage from moisture or insects? One thing most people do not worry about is wildlife.According to a lawsuit, when Michael Giangrand opened the door of his rental unit at a Public Storage facility in Schiller Park almost a year ago, he was attacked by a startled raccoon. He is now suing the California-based company in Cook County Circuit Court. The complaint did not specify what injuries he had suffered or what or damage the raccoon may have done to his property, but he is seeking at least $50,000 plus legal fees.The suit for negligence claims, among other things, that Public Storage failed to warn customers that the storage units were not secure and that raccoons or other wildlife might gain access to the facility. Though the situation has comic elements, animal attacks are no laughing matter and can be fatal, whether from a pet or a feral creature. Pedestrians bitten by dogs frequently bring civil actions seeking damages from their owners for violating the Illinois Animal Control Act. More seriously, in February, a kayaker drowned after being attacked by a swan. His wife brought a wrongful death action against a Des Plaines condominium complex that used swans to ward off geese. If you have been injured by an animal or put at risk by any action, inaction, or negligent conduct of others, you should seek the compensation you deserve. The Chicago and Waukegan, Illinois, law firm of Ryan Ryan & Landa has experience a wide range of personal injury cases, from animal bites to traumatic brain injuries to wrongful death. For a free consultation, call (847) 416-1989. 

O'Hare Bus Crash

A shuttle bus crash at O'Hare International Airport around 6:30 A.M. sent several individuals to the hospital. The crash occurred as the bus was headed from a remote lot to the departure terminal and crashed into a median. Several firefighters on their way to work immediately came to the assistance of injured victims in the bus.

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