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Boating Accident on Lake Michigan Leads to Negligence Lawsuit

Can a service provider be held liable for negligence?

Boating is a popular hobby because it allows people to enjoy pastimes like fishing and socializing with family and friends, all while traveling from one place to another. Boaters enjoy a lot of benefits but should also be aware of the dangers involved. Accidents on the water are a common occurrence and can easily turn deadly. In May, 26 year old Ashley Haws embarked on an evening journey from New Buffalo, Michigan to Chicago, Illinois with three other people. The group traveled on a motorboat owned by Axess Holding Co. LLC. and serviced by SailTime Chicago. At around 7PM the boat malfunctioned and all four of the passengers were forced to disembark. Only one individual survived the ordeal after being found floating on life vests and a part of the boat, the rest of which had sank. Ashley Haws was also found early the next morning and was rescued, but later died of hypothermia. Ashley's mother has now brought a lawsuit against Creative Yacht Management doing business as SailTime Chicago as the company responsible for the maintenance of the boat. Haws claims that the company was negligent in the service, maintenance and equipment of the boat which resulted in its malfunction and subsequent sinking, causing Ashley's death. As it is unclear how the boat actually malfunctioned and what the cause was, this should be an interesting case with many parties involved. Due to the proximity to Lake Michigan, Chicago residents are no stranger to aquatic accidents. The experienced attorneys at the law firm of Ryan, Ryan & Landa regularly work with clients injured and the families of those killed in aquatic accidents. Because these cases are a unique area of personal injury law, it is important to be represented by someone with experience. Contact the firm today by calling (847) 416-1989 if you have a claim relating to an aquatic accident. 

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