Safety tips every pedestrian should follow

Countless people walk to and from their destination, including to the bus stop and the train. Commuters on foot are more vulnerable to distracted drivers and potential safety threats. Pedestrians involved in an accident may easily find themselves struggling with unexpected medical costs, physical therapy, and lost wages from missed time at work to name a few.

The best way to preserve your health is to avoid potential accidents as much as possible. This is accomplished through awareness and action on your part. Never forget that you are the vulnerable one when it comes to heavy vehicles and even bicyclists. The following are some safety tips that can save your life and prevent serious injuries.

Stay visible in every way – Not only should you wear bright colored clothing but be conscientious of where you’re walking. Are you in a dark area? Is it possible to stay under lights while you walk? If so, do it. Always remain clearly visible to those around you. It also helps to make direct eye contact with drivers who are stopped and who may make a turn in your direction.

Don’t be negligent yourself – It’s one thing for drivers to be negligent through distracted driving, and it’s another when you are not paying attention either. You never want to be the one at fault, especially when a lawsuit is involved. Avoid looking down at your phone, texting while walking, making phone calls or listening to music on your headphones. You can always pause your walk to do any of the above but walking while distracted makes you a prime target for an accident.

Lay off the drugs and alcohol – Alcohol consumption has its time and place. When you mix mind-altering substances to your walk, you are more likely to walk right into a serious or even deadly accident. Have a plan of action before you consume to ensure you get to and from your destination safely and not risking your life.

Too many accidents involving a pedestrian could have been prevented. It is not uncommon for people to suffer unnecessarily through their own negligence or the combination. You deserve to have a healthy life through avoiding such personal injury accidents. The consequences are often a steep price to pay when it comes to not making safety a priority.

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