Spring forward may cause drowsy driving

Illinois residents and others may feel more tired than usual as they adjust to the clock moving an hour forward. According to AAA, about 10 percent of accidents are attributed to drowsy driving. In addition to the lost hour of sleep, the time change may result in darker conditions when drivers head to work in the morning.

One suggestion is to prepare for the time change a day or two in advance as the time change can make people drowsy without realizing or acknowledging it. Those who may be walking during dawn or dusk are encouraged to wear bright colors and to have a flashlight on them. Drivers are encouraged to be mindful that people are likely to be out during peak traffic times as the days get longer.

Operating a motor vehicle while tired may be considered a negligent act if it plays a role in causing a car accident. Other drivers, passengers or pedestrians who are hurt in a crash may incur a variety of damages such as medical bills, lost wages while out of work or lost future earnings because an accident victim cannot return to work. Drivers who cause a crash might be liable for paying them and any additional costs that a victim may incur.

If a person was hit by a company vehicle, both the driver and his or her employer may be named as defendants in a case. Injured victims may wish to talk with an attorney about their rights after a car crash. It might be possible to learn more about how to decide whether to accept a settlement or go to trial in addition the exact types of damages that they may be entitled to under state law.

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