Don't Just Assume Your Damages Case!

You are injured in a Lake County motor vehicle accident. You experience immediate pain in your lower back. You have never had a back problem a day in your life. You have never seen a therapist, chiropractor, or doctor for back pain.

Before you know it, you go from the Emergency Room, to your primary care physician, to a therapist, and eventually to an orthopedic surgeon. You are told that you need a fusion surgery to alleviate the low back pain. You assume that given how clear the relationship is between your back pain and your motor vehicle collision, you will be fairly compensated. Not so fast.

Insurance companies will utilize any possible means to avoid compensating your injury case. They will scour your medical records looking for perceived "gaps in treatment" as alleged evidence that your problems actually went away and you are fine. They will attribute your symptoms and MRI findings to degenerative changes that are the natural product of aging, and claim that the symptoms just coincidentally began to appear near the time of your motor vehicle crash. They will refuse to compensate your full medical expenses, and instead only compensate the lesser amount that your health insurance paid your medical providers (which is a clear violation of Illinois law). Believe it or not, they will even hire doctors that you have never met, and that have never spoken to you or examined you, and have these individuals comb through your medical records and then opine you are making everything up.

Although these tactics might seem ridiculous, they are all too often successful in limiting or eliminating injured Lake County individuals' motor vehicle collision recoveries. This is why it is incredibly important to contact a Lake County motor vehicle accident attorney to handle your case.

We are experts at anticipating and defeating commonly used insurance company defense tactics. We provide expert advice on following up with physicians, communicating all of your post-accident problems to your doctors (even ones that may seem minor at first), and not allowing you to make innocent mistakes that defeat your own claim!

We are also experts in researching, deposing, and cross-examining well-traveled defense medical experts. This is a great way of exposing their bias and can even be used to enhance the value of your Lake County injury case.

Do not make the mistake of assuming your damages case or that the at-fault party's insurer will be fair with you. Contact a Lake County motor vehicle collision lawyer at Ryan, Ryan & Landa today for your free personal injury consultation. Integrity, Compassion, Results.

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