Slip And Fall Injuries


Slip and fall injuries on things such as snow and ice, spilled water or liquids in a store, or even defective floor mats, can have devastating consequences on individuals and families. Although fall down injury cases may seem simple, and proving liability may appear clear, the reality of litigating these cases is far murkier.

Insurance companies fiercely defend fall down cases. Injured individuals who present claims for these incidents may be met with defenses such as: a denial the fall down ever occurred, a claim that an investigation was made of the area in question immediately after the incident and everything was in perfect condition, the disappearance of any incident reports and/or surveillance video that could prove basic facts concerning the occurrence, and the argument that everything could have been avoided had you merely looked where you were walking.

These defenses/tactics are commonplace. Understanding what steps you should take immediately after a fall down incident in order to combat these defenses/tactics is vital. At Ryan, Ryan & Landa, we understand how to prove liability and catastrophic damages in your slip and fall injury case. Although not exhaustive by any means, this list is a good starting point in doing so:

1. Make an immediate written request that all surveillance footage and/or incident reports be preserved;

2. Provide your doctors with a clear, concise explanation of how the injury occurred that can be easily repeated (i.e. I was walking over an unsecured floor mat when the mat buckled);

3. Report any and all injury complaints as soon as they begin to bother you, even if they seem unrelated to your fall down;

4. Have a family member or friend go to the occurrence scene and photograph the area in question as soon as possible in order to document its condition;

5. Enlist a safety expert to inspect the occurrence scene and determine what unsafe, defective conditions caused or contributed to cause your fall down.

Of course, the above list is no substitute for immediate consultation with an experienced slip and fall injury attorney. In fact, our firm will make an immediate priority to accomplish all of the above steps on your fall down injury case.

Our track record of success on difficult liability fall down cases include a $950,000.00 recovery for a defectively constructed and maintained handicap ramp fall down case, and a $650,000.00 recovery for a fall down in a commercial store's negligently plowed parking space. Contact a Ryan, Ryan & Landa attorney today for a free consultation on your case, and to begin protecting your rights.

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