A loved one who has been catastrophically injured begins behaving oddly, what is going on?

A mother, father, sister, brother, aunt, uncle, cousin, or relative is seriously injured in an accident. At first they seem ok. Obviously there are orthopedic injuries, but thank god they are alive. Then things begin to turn. They develop sensitivity to light, sound, and smell. Their concentration begins to wane. They develop daily, pounding headaches. Their emotions fluctuate wildly. Finally, their behavior becomes erratic, unpredictable, and perhaps even dangerous.

This is an all too common reality for seriously injured individuals. All of the above can be signs of a traumatic brain injury. Whether this is caused by motor vehicle accidents, construction accidents, trucking collisions, or workplace negligence, is secondary to diagnosis and treatment of the problem.

Will Smith's recent film, Concussion, illustrates that tragic reality of so many individuals living with traumatic brain injuries and resulting conditions such as early onset dementia, chronic traumatic encephalopathy, or a host of other brain problems. It is tremendously important that these people receive specialist care aimed at helping their symptoms and a return to a normal life. Physicians such as neurologists, physical medicine and rehabilitation specialists, and neuropsychologists can assist in this regard.

At Ryan, Ryan & Landa, we excel at handling all manners of traumatic brain injury cases. However, we also care about clients and helping them understand that timely treatment and rehabilitation is key to regaining their lives to the fullest extent possible. We assist in understanding the symptoms of post-concussive disorder, TBI, and all types of head trauma. Contact us today to discuss your case and take a step towards resolution and recovery.

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