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Family Of Woman Paralyzed In Auto Accident Sues Driver Who Left Scene

When Philip Cho offered Kelsey Ibach and her friends a ride outside a River North nightclub, they accepted what they thought was a kind offer. Minutes later, allegedly drunk and driving over the speed limit, he crashed the vehicle and left the scene, abandoning his seriously injured passengers. Ibach, 25 years old, is now paralyzed from the waist down, confined to a wheelchair, and in need of intensive rehab. Her family is suing Cho and the two nightclubs he visited before the accident. They have also sued Cho's employer, an entertainment company. According to reports, the speeding, intoxicated driver plunged his 2008 BMW through a fence and into a ditch below the road, where it landed on its roof. He then failed to summon help before fleeing the scene of the accident. A passing motorist found the wreck with two of its dazed passengers outside. One had a severed thumb and another was later found to have broken vertebrae. The most seriously injured, Ibach, was inside, trapped in the back seat, with broken ribs, a punctured lung, a blood clot on her brain, and a crushed spine and pelvis. According to one report, he allegedly told the injured passengers to tell police he had been carjacked. When they pleaded with him to call an ambulance, he ignored them. Cho is reported to have taken a cab to a location far from the scene. He was charged with failure to report an accident and other traffic offenses. He is currently out on bail, with a bond set at $200,000. Ibach was a journalism student at the University of Michigan. Her friends have been raising money to help pay her medical bills, while she hopes to regain feeling in her legs and walk again.

Judge Rules Negligent Driver's Statements Admissible

A DuPage County judge ruled that statements made by a negligent truck driver to police following a collision wherein he killed an Illinois Tollway employee and badly injured a state trooper were admissible in court. Renato Velasquez had asked the Court to bar statements he made to police following a January 27, 2014 trucking accident caused when he struck a broken down vehicle on I-88 near Aurora. A link to the Chicago Tribune story concerning this development is below:

Megabus Driving with Defective Windshield Wipers

A lawsuit filed by victims of the recent Megabus rollover crash claims that defective windshield wipers played a role in causing the occurrence. Specifically, the suit alleges that the Megabus driver kept driving despite the bus windshield wipers being broken and not adequately clearing precipitation from the windshield. It further alleges that this caused his inability to see traffic that was stopped ahead due to an earlier crash, which eventually culminated in his losing control of the vehicle.

New Lawsuit Against Blackhawks After Spectator Injury

In August, we highlighted a lawsuit brought by a woman struck by a hockey puck at a Chicago Blackhawks game. It's happened again, this time to Chip Green, of Yorkville, Illinois, who suffered brain injuries from which he may never fully recover. He is the third person to be injured by a stray puck at a Blackhawks game in less than two years.

Megabus Accident

A Chicago-bound megabus crashed just south of Indianapolis on Tuesday after swerving to avoid a traffic accident that took place well in front of the bus. A company spokesman for megabus' parent company, Coach USA North America, cited the bus driver's inability to see the traffic accident ahead of him as he approached it as the cause of the accident.

Accident Victims

Accident victims are oftentimes forced to miss significant amounts of work, incur high medical expenses, and deal with incapacitating injuries that affect everything about their normal lives.

Auto Accident

Individuals harmed in automobile accidents will often find themselves receiving phone calls from both the at-fault driver's insurance company as well as their own insurer. The temptation for any injured party is to explain the facts of the accident, the current status of their injuries, and try to provide relevant information to the callers. To put it bluntly, don't do it.

Handicap Accessibility Accidents

Namely, these laws reflect a general recognition that handicapped individuals deserve increased protection. A common example of such a law in Illinois is the requirement that all handicap accessible parking spaces be maintained free of snow and ice. All too frequently, this particular law is violated by entities such as businesses, condominium associations, and common carriers.

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