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Daughter Sues Doctor Who Failed to Tell Father of Cancer

A doctor's failure to communicate essential information to a patient can be as harmful as prescribing the wrong medication or botching a surgical procedure. According to a medical malpractice lawsuit filed in Cook County, Illinois, a Lyons man died because his doctor failed to inform him that he had bladder cancer.Edward Hines had gone to see to Dr. Alan Sadah, a urologist at an Oak Park clinic, for treatment of a bladder tumor. After removing the tumor, Dr. Sadah told Hines that he was free of cancer. One week after the 2011 procedure, a pathologist's report showed that Hines still had bladder cancer. In her lawsuit, Hines's daughter claims that Dr. Sadah never told her father. Hines did not discover his condition until a year later when he went back to the clinic complaining of pain and learned he had invasive bladder cancer. He died at the age of 58 in 2013, after chemotherapy and surgery to remove his bladder and prostate. Hines' daughter says that, once his father knew about the cancer, he did everything medically possible to treat it. She believes the outcome could have been different if he had not missed a year of treatment while the cancer spread. In documents filed in court in response to the lawsuit, Dr. Sadah presents a different view of events. He claims he told Hines that he had cancer but that Hines failed to follow up. He also says Hines did not ask for the pathology report.A physician Hines hired to review his treatment wrote that Dr. Sadah should have warned his patient about the high recurrence rate of bladder cancer and the need for vigilant monitoring and treatment. The reviewing physician also wrote that patients should be notified when a pathology report discloses serious problems and an appointment should be set up for them.A trial may be needed to decide whether Dr. Sadah's version can be believed or whether Hines was kept in the dark about his diagnosis until it was too late.If your health or the health of a loved one has been adversely affected by a doctor's failure to inform you of a condition, or by any other type of negligent treatment, you should seek the compensation you deserve. Ryan Ryan & Landa has represented clients in all types of medical malpractice suits. For a consultation, call (847)416-1989 today. 

Uninsured / Underinsured Motorist Coverage

The following scenarios are very commonplace. You or a loved one is seriously injured in an automobile accident where the at-fault driver has only state minimum insurance coverage. Alternatively, perhaps the incident occurs where a hit and run driver causes the collision and flees the scene. Far too many people believe that they have no recourse in these instances.

Tort Reform Does Not Work

The Los Angeles Times recently published an article discussing how "defensive medicine" caused by supposed fear of medical malpractice lawsuits constitutes a minor, insignificant portion of overall healthcare spending in the United States. This term refers to physicians ordering medically unnecessary diagnostic testing (and the like) solely out of an alleged fear of being sued.

Lawsuit Over Raccoon Attack in Storage Unit

There are many risks when placing one's possession in a storage locker. Will the stored items remain in good condition? Will there be damage from moisture or insects? One thing most people do not worry about is wildlife.According to a lawsuit, when Michael Giangrand opened the door of his rental unit at a Public Storage facility in Schiller Park almost a year ago, he was attacked by a startled raccoon. He is now suing the California-based company in Cook County Circuit Court. The complaint did not specify what injuries he had suffered or what or damage the raccoon may have done to his property, but he is seeking at least $50,000 plus legal fees.The suit for negligence claims, among other things, that Public Storage failed to warn customers that the storage units were not secure and that raccoons or other wildlife might gain access to the facility. Though the situation has comic elements, animal attacks are no laughing matter and can be fatal, whether from a pet or a feral creature. Pedestrians bitten by dogs frequently bring civil actions seeking damages from their owners for violating the Illinois Animal Control Act. More seriously, in February, a kayaker drowned after being attacked by a swan. His wife brought a wrongful death action against a Des Plaines condominium complex that used swans to ward off geese. If you have been injured by an animal or put at risk by any action, inaction, or negligent conduct of others, you should seek the compensation you deserve. The Chicago and Waukegan, Illinois, law firm of Ryan Ryan & Landa has experience a wide range of personal injury cases, from animal bites to traumatic brain injuries to wrongful death. For a free consultation, call (847) 416-1989. 

Tragedy in South Loop

Tragedy struck the south loop area of the city yesterday as a 34 year old mother was struck and killed by a stone that fell from the wall of a downtown church. Our condolences are with this individual's family in this time of need.

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