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Children playing in snow attacked by landlord’s dog

It’s a parent’s worst nightmare: their young child screams helplessly as a dog viciously attacks. Running on adrenaline and instincts, the parent rushes over to pry the animal off their child. However, the damage has already taken place.

One mom experienced this tragedy as her children were playing in the snow outside their home. The family’s landlord owned a German Shepherd that was allowed to roam in the area. As the mother brought her toddler inside, she heard the dog attack her 8-year-old child. After saving her son by forcing the dog off of him, the mother took him to the emergency room, where he received ten stitches.

Highway Accident

Ryan, Ryan & Landa attorney Michael Viglione finalized a confidential settlement for a client injured in a highway accident in Cook County, IL. The accident occurred when a tire from a homemade trailer came loose and flew through a driver's windshield on the expressway. The occurrence resulted in a traumatic brain injury and corresponding deficits. The at fault driver negligently constructed the trailer and subsequently failed to inspect the trailer prior to taking it on the highway. The case was settled without a formal lawsuit filed. 

Wrongful Death Suits Against the Illinois Department of Children and Family Services

The number of children that die while the subject of an investigation by the Illinois Department of Children and Family Services (DCFS) or while being monitored by the agency has gone up in recent years. Now, two wrongful death suits have been filed against the state agency on behalf of children that died while in the system. Wrongful death is a death caused by the negligent, reckless or willful conduct of another. Wrongful death is a civil wrong and those liable can be responsible for monetary damages.

Recover for Grief and Sorrow

Cook and Lake County liability occurrences which cause the wrongful death of a loved one have devastating consequences upon spouses, children, and family members. In addition to causing loss of financial support and companionship, wrongful death claims can also cause tremendous grief, suffering, and sorrow.

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